Marcello Venusti, pupil of


pen and wash, brown ink, on traces of black chalk, on white paper

377 x 322 cm (14.84 x 12.68 inches)

  • Reference Number: 0236
  • Watermark: Anvil and Hammer (datable circa 1535-1550)
  • Provenance: J. Reynolds (L. 2364)
  • Price: € 4.500,00 - circa US $ 4.860,00
For further reference:

M. Forcellino, Un nuovo disegno copia della Pieta' di Michelangelo per Vittoria Colonna e Reginald Pole, in Arte Lombarda, pp. 49-57, 2018


We will donate 20% of the price of this drawing to Fiera Milano Hospital, built in record time to fight Coronavirus. We will send a copy of the donation receipt to buyer.

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